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Who says Bluetooth headsets can call?


This year the implementation of the "history of the most stringent traffic rules," once let Bluetooth headset has become a hot market products. Although some of this "forced" flavor, but it does appear to have been on the market for a long time again by the Bluetooth technology concerns of consumers, as mobile Internet devices currently in the most sophisticated short-range wireless communications technology, Bluetooth technology actually developed some years, related products have also been varied. Take a Bluetooth headset for instance, it may be most consumers do not understand is used to call a simple hand tools, but in fact with the Bluetooth technology matures, low-power, high-fidelity introduction of chip, Bluetooth wireless Technology has also begun to enter the field of professional headphones on the market emerged in a number of musical fusion of fashion and boutique Bluetooth music headset, here we come to give you a brief recommend some of it!

Excellent sound quality: Sony MDR-1RBT

Launched in late 2012 as Sony MDR-1 series in a headset. Sony MDR-1RBT incorporates Sony leads the industry in a variety of sound technology, which uses a liquid crystal polymer diaphragm, it is light weight, rigidity, less distortion, can inhibit unwanted vibrations, for the listener in rendering high-resolution, high- audio. Hardware design, the Sony MDR-1RBT uses Beat Response Control design, the headset shell cavity headphones vents on the increase, so that low frequency sound performance is more accurate, powerful and transient changes of sound grasp more precise. It is equipped with a 40mm diameter HD driver unit, which has a more natural relations diaphragm, lighter coil, frequency response range is more than amazing 4Hz-80000Hz, not only strengthens the low range of explosive moments, but also to bring broader frequency performance.

In addition, Sony's iconic DSEE technology with S-MASTER is also equipped to MDR-1RBT above. Usually compressed music files (such as MP3), there is a certain loss of quality, with DSEE, you can restore the high frequency part of the sound, better quality audio; while S-MASTER use can reduce the distortion of the music, so that the listener acquired music more pure. Of course, as a wireless headphones, MDR-1RBT also joined the Bluetooth and NFC near field communication capabilities. It supports Bluetooth 3.0, applicable to a variety of smart phones, a collection of music playback control and hands-free calling features, the use has become particularly free. In the Bluetooth connection mode, MDR-1RBT change the frequency response 20Hz-20000Hz. Turn off Bluetooth connection cable through the supplied headphones can be used as a normal. MDR-1RBT built-in rechargeable battery, charging time is about six hours, and sustainable use of about 30 hours.

Modeling aesthetic: Logitech UE4500

As a stylish Walkman products, in addition to the data with excellent resolving power and the production of components, striking appearance is the first concern consumer side. Logitech UE4500 wireless headset with two black and white exterior color, the whole body with matte material composition, the first beam of light pasta with a dedicated site, coupled with the unique contours lug shape, the overall style stylish range of children can meet the trend elements of the tireless pursuit of the ultimate users can also appease the height requirements for a neat appearance. In addition to consistent color style, stuffed shell not too much modification factors, except "UE" logo embellishment, naysayers polished logo color so dazzling.

Miniature USB receiver features Bluetooth technology with Universal stable, corollary "Listen radio, music unbounded," the swan song of the slogan, say goodbye to the tedious conventional drag line, music enjoyment zero limits, wear comfortable non-binding. In addition to built-in Bluetooth fuselage internal signal transmitter, "innovation" to introduce USB wireless receiver storage warehouse, effectively prevent accidental loss of the receiver. In addition, product design, the receiver uses a consistent look and feel with a unified LOGO logo, together with a stylish body, looks are quite seems to fit?

In addition, wireless and calling features, Logitech UE4500 fuselage built storage battery, with considerable endurance effect; charging interface also uses common mirco-USB mode, the scope of whom broad. In addition, the hole-like dot-bit built-in microphone accessories to achieve the perfect musical conversation over.

Parity choice: Rapoo H6080

When the wireless Bluetooth headset is still version 2.1 + EDR for the mainstream, the domestic well-known peripheral manufacturer Pennefather turn lead to new models H6080 Bluetooth 4.0 wave of popularity. Not only is the highly lethal 299 yuan price, binds to a number of innovative structures, solid workmanship and aesthetic styling, giving the four-color Bright, so a lot of bright spots for the price really worth the attention.

Pennefather H6080 headset from gray, yellow, and blue mix colors available, in addition to unique red and black models, both small fresh and fashion temperament. Hardware design, the unique folding make Pennefather H6080 seems unique, different from the traditional model of portable storage minimized volume, regardless of miniaturized wearing headphones set to be extra lightweight and portable. In terms of sound quality, Pennefather H6080 Bluetooth headset sound is very warm and thick, it is a very strong sense of low volume, lower potential for good, in favor of modern pop music tuning, very consistent with modern young people's listening preferences. IF section solid headphones rich vocal convenient location, capture more pertinent, perhaps the headset treble bright enough, but did a good job in extension. H6080 is clearly oriented low-frequency sound for portable listening to modern pop music, or a very good choice.

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