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Headphones common sense - to talk about the sound quality

About the quality of this problem, I believe everyone has their own answer, what is the sound quality? Sound quality is what? Sound, what kind of requirements? These problems is not everyone can be answered.
I had everyone in the headphones before the altar and some sound Shao discussed this topic, the answer is also strange, this is actually burning faithful also shows immaturity.
Speakers also previously in the area have had such a discussion, it was considered low frequency is really good, some people scoff, saying good resolve, say good high frequency is everywhere .. then the answer in the end what is it ? now have conclusive, what kind of sound is good sound? Chinese electro-acoustic Association answer is: Naiting! that is harmless sound.
Well, the same as the audio equipment, headphones / earphones whether there should be such a request it? Then, someone out to rebut that voice should be dynamic, have said sound reduction, there is that the sound balance ...... .
So it can be analyzed, in our daily lives, we often hear the term noise pollution, what is noise? Said plainly, is to make people feel uncomfortable listening to, affect people's health everyday sounds and if I ask. How noisy sound? certainly liable to get an answer after a meal supercilious, harsh! listened physically uncomfortable.
Music and noise, which is the most fundamental difference.
But the same token, now return to the sound playback device, it has turned out to parse, LF, MF, HF, the concept of the sound field, etc., rather than the sound is comfortable listening .. really strange!
In addition, so-called to restore, to render, to low, to high frequency of these remarks, and its essence is sound style orientation! Take the orientation of the sound quality as the basic requirements of this right thing to do? CM7 big bass than the MX500 , then the MX500 sound quality than CM7 okay?
Therefore, to talk about quality, we must first be clear what kind of headset can talk about sound quality, we bought back headphones, the ultimate goal is not just to enjoy music? If you buy something after listening ear feels almost finished, then talk about the sound quality it? as headphones, so things that are substandard, at best, only a vocal organ.
I think the sound quality of the first and most basic requirement is Naiting, if this thing is not resistant to listen, then that in itself is a failure of the works.
Second, sound quality, which is the sound quality, talking about this, the topic is more and more. Ideal good sound should be like.
Frequency extension sufficient amount of sense appropriate overtone appropriate, slightly glitches, no dental, penetrating, IF sufficient thickness, density, good, strong vocals grainy, low dive depth, quantity, good flexibility, fast , lingers. tri-band assign the appropriate amount of sense, convergence and smooth, horizontal sound field, depth and height of excellence. voice accurate positioning, layering rich, detailed sound. voice weakened by bad air, can truly reflect the earplugs own characteristics.
However, this headset where to find it? Even if the price of up to 200,000 big Austrian, can not do so much. Different is that the shortcomings of these headphones is not very prominent. Difficult to find an ear, which is what a lot of the more high fever and more silent for a reason. no more than one month continuous listening, is a high-end headphones can not accurately assess the contrary, many newcomers often opinionated nonsense everywhere, alas!
So what kind of quality is good quality too? Fact, that is said above those for example, MX500 and MX90, same style, MX90 MX500 is almost a larger version. Sound field, MX90 leader, positioning more clearly on MX90 , fuller separation etc. etc. This seems to be a denomination of $ 1 par value of money and a $ 5 money in the end which is good. natural Needless to say.
Third <sound style misunderstanding. This phenomenon is widespread. Someone like a bass, some people like to restore good. Saying good reason to fully restore, say like coloration often afraid to say much more.
This is actually a misconception. Coloration just sounds dyeing, also known as sound distortion, but the distortion on the wrong?
Ask a simple question, a good white or brown paper good? Believe many people would choose white. Then I say, white paper is dyed, which could explain what it?
Coloration, too, clever craftsmen handed down in a piece of paper to make a masterpiece, but crappy apprentice will contaminate this piece of paper. Same material, the effect is so different.
This shows that coloration is not bad, but that's good or bad dye.
As mentioned examples: MX500 sound pollution is small, but big bass CM7 will do worse than the MX500? CM7 MX500 sound quality than you?
This raises a topic, what is meant by a good dye?
In fact, this is very simple, as long as painting their meaning can accurately expressed through their works, then this painting are successful, of course, the master level and the little apprentice make things or different. Masterful not only To pay attention to the content, but also pay attention to time, little apprentice, especially students of the painting is often a few simple erupted, but as long as the range in their ability to make the meaning clear, then also a success. Like MX90 and MX500, as are success of the ear, but the difference between the quality is still there, between them lies in the success of the same sex can express the meaning of the music!
This is what we call musical.
Headphones are used to listen to music, the music is the expression of people's thinking, people express feelings of a medium. (Now, of course some of the singers and the mourners go about the same, it does not matter connotations) How this through headphones to express the music playback devices, makes it easier to appreciate the music and the interpretation of the author's thoughts, feelings, too?
Now a lot of hardcore have high fever are fever, in fact, they do not really bring down a fever, but they burn up another level ------ music headphone enthusiasts this is the real goal. Early start burning is how The? certain earbuds sound more fun, so I bought something, but after a while found more good things, sounds more fun, buy .... so the cycle ... a burned out of control, and thus a Zaijin the equipment inside. while ignoring its fundamental purpose.
Most of those who have heard fever all over these devices and now began to extricate themselves, some return to music, and some began to study the use of equipment and equipment development. Therefore rarely seen hardcore fever write what kind of a review.
Then you can say, is to music headphones born! Connotation as long as the music is able to express more fully, it does not matter or sound pollution reduction, while bass and restore only fight simply because different personal preferences dispute occurred .
To summarize: the headset sound quality from low to high should have: Naiting ----- musical qualities ----
If you have these three things in hand, Congratulations, you got a good headset.
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