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WiFi! Bluetooth! Wireless speakers have


Speaker really has been away from your sight you? When you find a fun place wireless speakers, the speakers may be able to rekindle your interest and high-quality music. If you are a fruit powder, then you should know that through Apple's Airplay software allows Speakers Wireless Play iPod, iPhone, iPad inside the music to Apple as the starting point, a variety of wireless speakers is gradually coming into our vision.

Wireless speakers how to divide?

As the name implies, wireless speakers, compared with the traditional speaker is less "line" shackles, audio input cable instead of using wireless transmission (of course, still have the power cord). Benefits of doing so in a different audio device when connecting speakers can be reflected, at least you do not have the disorder and tangled wires.

Currently on the market of wireless speakers or wireless music sharing system, mainly through infrared, Bluetooth, WiFi and other wireless technologies to achieve several mainstream.

Infrared, Bluetooth applications in mobile phones has been very widely, using these wireless technologies speaker is actually a huge "wireless headset," according to a different level of support equipment, a wireless speaker can simultaneously connect several wireless devices. The use of WiFi technology, wireless speakers on this feature there are more uses: access to the Internet, online play streaming music. Especially if you are a fan of iTunes, then you must purchase at APPStore a lot of good music, WiFi wireless speakers can directly play your iTunes music account, no download, no PC connection, but without the hassle of iPod.

Notably, usually true audiophiles wireless speakers are dismissive. Because without him, most wireless data transmission technology transfer bandwidth is not great (such as infrared technology), which means that music in the transmission process to reduce the bit rate, the sound quality is affected. Coexistence of a variety of wireless devices in an environment, there may be signal influence each other (such as Bluetooth wireless mouse and Bluetooth wireless speakers share interference may exist). But with the popularity of WiFi technology, wireless speakers have a good use of effects improved. WiFi transmission bandwidth than several other wireless technologies is much greater capability to deal with high-quality online music; online play streaming music features added, means that you will never need to buy a music CD, provides streaming online to find a Media Player music service can, such as QQ music, watercress radio, etc. are the domestic popular online music services.

Comparative characteristics of a variety of wireless speakers

Sound characteristics of effective distance transmission bandwidth

WiFi wireless speaker height of 100 meters online play streaming music

Infrared Wireless Speaker low price cheap poor 2 m

Bluetooth wireless speakers generally 10 m General Product selection
Wireless technology used in the latest wave of IT digital products to the number of the most widely used Bluetooth technology (Bluetooth). Just over ten years, Bluetooth technology has not only replaced the infrared wireless, wireless transmission has become nowadays the mainstream standard, also used in a number of peripheral products, including the well-known Bluetooth speaker call headset, visible, Bluetooth technology has become the latest wireless technology standard and application trends.

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