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How to choose the Stealth headphones baseband link


Select Stealth headphones baseband link is a professional range of issues discussed in this article is referred invisible ear headphones used to watch TV, wireless hidden deep ear canal headphones anti-shielding is not required to choose a baseband link, especially as We like to prevent radio monitoring vehicles and metal detectors, eight anti-belt-type anti-shielding stealth wireless headset, it is equipped with 405 ears.

Stealth headphones base with two physical link mode, synchronous and asynchronous links SCO link ACL, can be realized on the same radio frequency multiplexed data transfer. SCO for voice and data, voice, and a combination of all of the voice and data packets are accompanied by various levels of forward error correction (PEC) or a cyclic redundancy check (CRC), and can be encrypted. In addition, for different types of data (including the link management information and control information) is assigned to a particular channel. Can use a variety of user-mode in the Bluetooth devices transmit voice, voice packets for the link only after baseband transmission, rather than use LZACP. Voice mode in the Bluetooth system is relatively simple, just open ears voice link can transmit voice. However, this transmission rate is relatively low, a SCO channel in each direction to provide a rate of 64kb / S voice or data services. Although this rate to meet the general voice data transmission is no problem, but not enough to satisfy the transmission of high quality multimedia audio data. ACL applied to the data packet, which supports symmetrical or asymmetrical, packet-switched, point to multipoint connections, mainly used for transferring data. For asymmetrical connection, the direction of maximum rate of single 723.Zkbi/ts. Based on these characteristics ACL link, use it to transmit high quality audio data is no problem. Therefore, the system selects the ACL link as a baseband physical link mode.
Through the above description shows, JC241B0 recessive headphones baseband system provides a variety of hardware interfaces, the system selected as the hardware UART interface. Software interface, STLC241B0 supports standard HCI interface. But the Bluetooth board is programmable, so you can re-customize it provides software interfaces, re-layout baseband protocol stack. How to choose an appropriate communication interface with the baseband communications is a critical issue. The choice we made the following three options, that is, not through the base with the upper layer protocol directly use the HCI interface for data communication via standard HCI interface to the baseband communication module and the host to implement Bluetooth upper layer protocol, and the Bluetooth module implemented in all of the underlying protocol and core baseband protocol, host via RCFOMM with Stealth headphones module communication.

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