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Active Noise Canceling Headphone
Wired Speaker
Wired headphone
Wired Computer Headphone
Wired Earphone
Airline headset
Bluetooth Headphone
Bluetooth Earphone
Sports Bluetooth Headset
Bluetooth Speaker
Bluetooth Beanies
Bluetooth Glove
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Shielding Room (4 units)
Apache MassPro
Anritsu RF Tester
Vibration Testing Machine(1 unit)
Noise Tester
Swing bending test machine (3 units)
Salt spray test machine(1 unit)
Temperature cycle test machine(1unit)
Temperature impact testing machine (1 unit)
Tensile testing machine
Degree of reliability testing machine
Electrostatic discharge simulation device (1 unit)
Constant temperature and humidity testing machine(2 units)
Temperature testing machine(3 unit)
360° Drop test machine (1 unit)
X-Ray Analyzer (1 unit)
UV Analyzer (1 unit)
ICP Detector (1 unit)
GC MASS Detector(1unit)
Sunshine instrument(21 units)
B & K Acoustic Tester(2 units)
MFI Tester (1 unit)
Feeding Grouping (1 unit)
Spectrum Analyzer (1 unit)
Cable production line
Vertical Molding Machines 02
Plastic Injection Machines
Speaker lines 01
Speaker lines 02
Normal Assembly lines 02
Normal Assembly lines 02
Bluetooth Assembly lines 01
Bluetooth Assembly lines 02
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Wen-Electronics (Wenin) After years of headsets, Bluetooth and related accessories OEM / ODM experience, has now become a leading OEM / ODM manufacturer in the world after years of dedication and commitment, audible.
Electronics (Wenin) has become synonymous with "quality, faithfulness and innovation." in order to ensure the company's strategic expansion to provide our most valuable products and the latest technology products to our customers. virtue and strength of reputation in the industry, quickly becoming an electronic audible tone set Bluetooth, active noise...
Bluetooth headset life issues
Original Bluetooth headset life in general can be
What is the headset harmonic distortion?
Harmonic distortion is a waveform distortion, the
Headphone sound is not clear how to solve the prob
Adjust the phone volume or press the headsets vol
SGS 02
ISO 003
ISO 002
ISO 001
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Active Noise Canceling Headphone       Wired Speaker       Wired headphone       Wired Computer Headphone       Wired Earphone       Airline headset       Bluetooth Headphone       Bluetooth Earphone       Sports Bluetooth Headset       Bluetooth Speaker       Bluetooth Beanies       Bluetooth Glove      
  ADD:Hello, welcome to Wenin Official Website. Design, Deveplopment,
Manufacturing services in one, saving cost for you.
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